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Your Accounting and Finance Coach


BUT STOP – It’s hard work to learn Accounting and to apply it successfully!

Or is it?

Well it’s true that it could take you months or even years to work out the right approach for your own situation if you lack specific knowledge. We have the solution….

It is imperative that you know the condition of your own finances. It is a sad state when a person in business has a hard time distinguishing a balance sheet from a profit and loss statement or a bank statement let alone how much is owed to or owed by his business.

Where might your business be when you have this important area under control?

What if you don’t know, what then?

Ever get to the end of the Financial Year, take all your bills, receipts, cheque stubs etc in their special shoe box to “your taxman” to sort out your business activity for the year. He puts them in order, charges you unexplained heaps of money for the priviledge and produces documents for the taxation department that apparently only he understands (but you accept responsibility for – you sign at the bottom.) And so you go into another year of your business trying to make financial decisions based perhaps on the only figure you think you comprehend – the amount in the bank (or the lack of it.)

Sound familiar – the next year is likely to be the same.

You are thinking of selling your business, and a potential buyer asks to see your books. You sound hesitant because you need someone else to explain them for you. Not exactly an advantageous position to be in when you hope for a buyer to see a vision that you are reluctant to support.

You are a committee member of a club or association, and a maverick chairman seeks to spend your group into oblivion. You lack the financial knowledge to answer the situation even though your gut feeling gives you sleepless nights.

You have a desire to hold public officials accountable for their actions and fiscal policy, but it seems too hard because the figures confuse you.

Are you still relying on cost accounting, knowing that there has to be a better way, because your competitors appear to be making better, timely decisions and are leaving you to eat their dust.

Ever thought of studying accounting but you don’t have the temperament, Dead. Dull. Boring. Leave it to the Bean Counters?

Or yet again, need to know about accounting as a prerequisite for another line of study that you are undertaking. (How dare they sneak that one in?)

Ever decided that you want to do life right, to be in control, to be responsible for the quality of information you receive, want to interpret it correctly?

Any of these scenarios could be confronting you.

If ANY of these cases, (or any of hundreds of others) apply, you know then that the solution is


You should always question information provided to you that in your gut you believe to be incorrect. When you make better decisions you put more money in YOUR pocket.

If you do not understand specific reports you need to know how to ask for reports that you can understand.

Don’t let embarrassment of lack of knowledge prevent you from asking. Knowledge of accounting, ingrained in your psyche puts you in the driving seat

We have the solution

No matter what you do in life, in your business, career or profession, it stands out like a sore thumb what your needs are. In life you are accountable – and on so many levels.

It is your responsibility to know as much as you can about accounting procedures. You need to know what the figures mean. If you are to make meaningful decisions, you have to know your position.


You can read a textbook (with the risk of losing interest) You can attend seminars or sign up for classes. If these provide your solution, well and good. However, both you and I know that there is something MISSING, because we have dabbled with these methods in the past and they leave a lot to be desired.

How would you feel being instructed by your own coach, using the most up-to-date teaching methods, moving at your own pace, being able to repeat sessions for reinforcement and peace of mind, being able to perform graded exercises until your grasp of the matter is firm, until it is part of you?

It may seem that a coach holds you accountable – in reality you hold yourself accountable

Surely this obtaining of financial accuity would be one of the greatest moves of your career

You need to interrupt your old patterns and insert new, vibrant ones.

Do yourself a favour: feed you bottom-line. You need to experience a new approach to an old subject. In effect you need to experience your new coach, Patrick Flaton with his “Your Accounting and Finance Coach”

Introducing – Patrick Flaton’s
Your Accounting and Finance Coach

The Author:

Patrick Flaton, the story so far . . .

Patrick Flaton, Director and Founder of Explanations Unlimited, gained his accounting qualifications from the Australian National University and has over 25 years experience in financial management training. For the past 14 years Patrick has earned his enviable income almost exclusively through his training programs.

He has personally helped over 15,000 small business owners as well as managers and staff from the private and public sector, to significantly increase their confidence in dealing with financial matters. His average rating on course evaluations is 95%.

Patrick conducted the financial management and
accounting components of MBA for the University of NSW Australian Graduate School of Management and was voted best lecturer in Australia, across all subject areas, three years in a row. His students consistently ranked in the top positions in Australia.

Notwithstanding this success, Patrick’s approach and style are more attuned to the needs of the non-financially literate student. Local Government elected representatives, small business owners and management students credit Patrick for making finance FUN, INTERESTING and EASY TO UNDERSTAND

Patrick has a wealth of practical, innovative knowledge that can help tens of thousands more people to master the financial aspects of their business or profession.

By only sharing his knowledge in face to face training programs, at best he could help another 10,000 people. What about the other hundreds of thousands who would miss out? But he knows that through this simple yet powerful e-learning program he is able to help people around the world take control of their financial literacy and to make quantum leaps in improving their business success.

Come and experience the culmination of 25 years of know-how, passion and the gift of “making the complex simple” that Patrick has brought to this program.

What others say:

If your business is perfect, this program will make it even better. If it’s not perfect, this program will help you get it there
Steve Fisher, business owner

Intriguing, often fresh information presented in an interesting, informative and colourful style.
Greg Jackson, Principal, Metrocity Real Estate

I love the combination of the story line and practical activities – it’s a great tool for any student of business finance
Great for any student, young or old
JD Lang, President, Moura Chamber of Commerce

I never realized before that accounting and finance studies could be fun. Mike Pollock, Marketing student, Macquarie University

Great for people not English – I learn well for my degree
Sung Lee, Master of Business student, Macquarie University

The Guts

Not everyone learns the same way.

I fall asleep over text books, but I become very involved in group exercises. You may detest groups but relate to a pictorial approach, however that method is not often found in a lecture process.

We all have our own ways of learning.

In “Your Accounting and Finance Coach”, Patrick uses a combination of Auditory, Visual and Kinesthetic approaches to learning. If you like being examined on your learning, there are graded exercises; if you need further explanation or definitions, the system has a built-in Library. The visual people are aided by a follow-along script; the auditory listeners have their sound track in the form of a Medieval play.

I particularly liked the variety of approaches- and for a veteran of business with many dead horses in his past, I learned deep and I learned fast. It surprised me how quickly I got to the right answers.

Patrick gives you powerful tools to maximize your business potential

You learn without it feeling like learning

The coaching covers:
· The true cost of goods and services
· What you earn and where it comes from
· Keeping track of those who owe you money
· Managing and maintaining assets
· Being wary of those you owe
· Knowing what’s in the kitty and its destination

Cash Accounting and Accrual Accounting are compared and contrasted.

You are also exposed to applications to real business problems.

With Patrick as your financial management coach, you will be able to understand and use the building blocks of sound financial management.

But why stop there?

Hey, you own the toolkit, so there is no reason not to apply it to life.

At last! Your Entire Accounting And Financial Strategies Are Laid Out On A Plate And The Education Methods Are Proven To Work!

System Requirements

Win98 XP etc
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Excel Viewer is a free download

How to get
Your Accounting and Finance Coach

Because of its multi-media content and file sizes, this work is best suited to delivery as a personal CD. You will receive your copy by Airmail. Confirmation of dispatch will be sent to you by email. We also ask that you notify of its arrival so that we can be sure that you have it in your hands and are assuring a brighter future for yourself.

OK fellers… Let’s talk turkey!
A production like this is going to
be wa…ay beyond my means!?

The price of this course of coaching is $180 US.

To celebrate its International Launch, it is available to you at a 30% discount - $127 US.

It is our aim to get this system into the hands of as many students as possible because we believe that it is in the application of things learned, that this product has its maximum value. With this in mind we have set a special student price of $89 US.

Are you a student?

Our interpretation of “student” is deliberately broad to allow maximum exposure of the product. In other words, convince us that you are a “student” (NB we ACCEPT “student of your own business”) and the system is yours for $89 US.

So where’s the catch? Well there is one really! We believe in our product and like to read testimonials from its users. We have a habit of randomly asking our users how they are benefiting from their application of our program. How would you feel if you were asked and had to rely on an excuse like procrastination. Remember, we suggest massive action for massive results.

We can’t guarantee the results you will obtain. Your outcome will depend on your application to the system, and of course your position in the marketplace of life.

The value in the CD:
A book
A reference Library
A personalised coaching course
A permanent addition to you library

The learning outcomes of this course are achieved through a blending of storytelling, characterizations, countless examples and a high degree of interactivity


We take the risk

Having an item in your possession is only the first step. For it to be of benefit to you requires action on your part. For massive benefit, we suggest massive action. When I first used the system I proceeded at my own pace. For revision I was more aggressive. When I realized the value of the system that I had, I was able to apply what I had learned with confidence and to improve my bottom-line by making better-informed decisions, which was my personal goal.

. 100% Risk-Free?

You can bet on it! As with everything we do, your purchase is backed by our 100% guarantee. No special clauses, no fine print, no tricks. The only thing that we ask is that you have genuinely given “Your Accounting and Finance Coach” your best effort (up to 12 months). If you are not completely satisfied just ask for your money back. Simple, no questions asked.

You really cannot afford NOT to invest in
Your Accounting and Finance Coach



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